Hi! My name is Todd, I’m a University of South Australia student currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development).


I’m a programmer by day, my focus is based mainly within web development with Ruby on Rails as my back end, jQuery as my day-to-day DOM manipulation library and MySQL or PostgreSQL to store all the goodies!

At my previous job I was involved with the development and maintenance of Ruby on Rails applications. This involved working in a small team of 8 developers and 5 management staff in an office in the heart of Adelaide. My home.

While I very much enjoy Web Development, I do have a rather keen interest in big-data and data transformation. This passion led to a short internship with another company in Adelaide that operates as part of the thriving university network in South Australia. While there, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the real-world requirements of a big-data operation - very exciting and challenging indeed!


My life isn’t all bits and bytes, I also enjoy the exciting world of cars and mechanical engineering. Admittedly, cars are a new passion for me, in 2015 I bought my first car and a new passion; a 2004 Mazda6.

I greatly appreciate the effort that is put into each and every thing that motor companies put into their literal works of art.